Learn Morse Code. Practice CW.


Practice with the time you have. Learn the code at your own pace.

Performance feedback

Performance analysis showing you what you need to work on.

Easy to Use

No experience required! Start with the basics, learn the letters, and work towards your goal!

Whats in the app?

  • Individual letter training with immediate correctness feedback
  • Test yourself by recognizing random groups of transmitted letters
  • Flashcard practice for recognizing common words heard on the air
  • Flashcard practice for recognizing FCC callsigns
  • Practice transcribing actual CW QSOs by listening to a simulated QSO between two stations
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Practice Anywhere

Whether you have some time on your commute, downtime on the weekend, or just want to learn a new skill, Dits-and-Dahs allows you to practice the code wherever you are.

Made for all skill levels

Learn the letters or push yourself into the 30 WPM class, Dits-and-Dahs has the tools for all skill levels.

Targeted Exercises

Each session is analysed for accuracy and errors. Whether you are just learning or if you are copying at 25+ WPM, Dits-and-Dahs can show you where you need to improve.

Get outside

Talking to people via Morse code is a great way to explore the world.

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Morse Machine

Here is the most basic of training exercises. A letter plays and you guess which letter was played. As you get better, more letters are automatically introduced. More advanced users can skip to the end to enable all the letters and turn off the "correct"/"incorrect" indicator tone.

Keep practicing

Once you learn the letters there are other activities to continue to advance your copying skills. One of those activities entails listening randomly chosen letters and record what you hear. At the end of the session the app will show you what mistakes were made.


To practice common words and callsigns you can play the app's challange-response game. You can have the word/callsign replayed, submit a guess, or decide to skip and move onto the next word/callsign.

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